Essential Software
Teamsheet Maker A must for making your teamsheet, especially for beginners.  It's very user-friendly and will prevent most mistakes from being made when used correctly.  This is a highly reccomended download.  Comes with a readme file that will take you through the already very simple process of generating a sheet.

Teamsheet SoftwareThis set of programs will help you in making teamsheets quickly, and also includes the Teamsheet Checker.  It is essential that all teamsheets are checked prior to being submitted for matches

Commentary ReaderSimply open your match report with this runner and you'll be taken through your game, line-by-line, in a Championship Manager / Football Manager style.
Other Software
Match Engine This download contains the three files required to simulate the UCFL matches.

Roster Collating Tool Collect all the rosters , and be able to look at them in excel with no hassle.  This tool, created by Dan Watson does exactly that.  It automatically gets the rosters off the website, puts them into CSV format (which can be opened by the likes of Excel) and hey presto, manipulate till your heart is content!