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Time to call it a day or carry on?
hi guys, i would definitely like to manage in UCFL again, and am happy to host the site on my shared hostgator account, unless it requires dedicated hosting which i doubt as only 40 of us ever login at one point!

many thanks to darren & james for getting us this far!
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I'm certainly keen to be involved still! Would also be happy to help if required. Agree with a few posts already:

1) Create a thread for existing managers to confirm they want to return
2) Email everyone who sent a sheet in for the final league round with a nudge in this direction

It's tough as you don't want to labour the start too much, but you also want to give managers a chance to get back on board etc.
The hosting seems to be the key thing, the season where it was seemingly impossible to get onto the site (partly hosting partly old MyBB code as I understand it) seriously damaged the league. I would suggest work out where and how it will be hosted and aim towards a fully functional site at the new host (I don't know how easy it is to set things up here first and then move); aim to start the new season early in the new year (starting a season in early December seems awkward) and in the meantime contact as many managers that were active during the last season to ask them to confirm interest in keeping their teams or not.

I would keep the structure the same for now at least but if after two or three seasons of smooth hosting and running it is still struggling for managers then review where things stand.
Who is responsible for sorting the hosting out, and who usually pays for it? What is the budget etc.?

It might also be worth moving away from MyBB as it's a bit old, but appreciate that if the guys running the forum know it well, it makes sense to keep with what they know.
The current hosting was sorted out by the FA in 2012 - I forget exactly who was running the game at the time - JonL, DaveH, Jason, Adrian, maybe Adam? Possibly one or two others as well.

I think they just asked for a bit of a whip round and they got the £90 and paid for 5 years of hosting.

Adam has kindly offered to host the website, so I need to speak to him and sort out moving everything over.

I have zero experience with moving hosts, so I don't know what's involved, but Darren has warned me that we'll probably want to start the forum from scratch as a totally clean install (which will require everyone to sign up and create an account again... sigh).

As for moving away from MyBB, Darren did a bit of work on a WordPress version of the site, but said that it wasn't suitable for what we need, so he fixed the MyBB one and that's where we're currently at.

If anyone knows how to build a website (or wants to pay someone to build one) that would be great, but I'll need a "How to run the website for dummies who have no idea about running websites" user guide (unless anyone is willing to build a website and then take over running the game as well, of course) Big Grin
A forum based game is more than acceptable, my game is forum based afterall as many of the best are. The website is just a distraction.
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(03-10-2017, 03:30 PM)Daniel Wrote: A forum based game is more than acceptable, my game is forum based afterall as many of the best are. The website is just a distraction.

Agree with Daniel on this one, over at TDE we have a nice website that was created by one of the Admin, but I don't think it is really used enough in comparison to the amount of time invested.

My current game TFM is running off a forum only, using Simple Machines Forum (LINK) if you want to take a look and see if you like the style of the board, we could use that here. Having said that, if MyBB works, then let's stick with it!

One thing we've found useful on TDE and TFM is having an online teamsheet submission page, where instead of emailing your sheets in, you can submit them through a page on the forum. There is also a monitor page, where you can see who has sheeted etc. This could be installed on here if people were interested in it?

Happy to be involved with helping if required Smile
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we're going to migrate to my hosting which should be more stable. james is going to send out an email/pm to everyone to expect the site to go down as it will need to be rebuilt (again) on the new installation ;-<

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